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Smile & Sexy

This is the management philosophy of the Monogatari Corporation.

Our Business and brands

We operate approximately 500 restaurants in Japan and China, mainly suburban roadside
restaurants.We have 15 restaurant brands, including Yakiniku, Ramen, Sushi and Shabu-shabu.

  • 焼肉きんぐ
  • 肉源
  • 焼肉はっぴぃ
  • 丸源ラーメン
  • 二代目丸源
  • きゃべとんラーメン
  • お好み焼本舗
  • ゆず庵
  • 魚貝三昧 げん屋
  • 源氏総本店
  • 北海道 蟹の岡田屋総本店
  • 薪火焼肉 源の屋総本店
  • 焼肉居酒屋 焼肉王

The Monogatari Corporation is a company that places the dignity
of the "individual" above the dignity of the "organization."


Smile & Sexy

In short, "Smile & Sexy" is a philosophy that encourages us, as
"storytellers," to tell our individual "personal stories" and our combined "company story" beautifully, freely, openly, and in a way full of human touch.

Smile & Sexy

Smile & Sexy: A "way of life," a road to a fulfilling,
happy "personal story"

  • Be sexy!

    Express yourself!

  • Smile!

    Polish yourself!

Director/Special Advisor Yoshio KobayashiDirector/Special Advisor Yoshio Kobayashi

I am proud of the way in which so many of our Monoga-tari family members have adopted our "Smile & Sexy" philosophy.However, I'm also aware that many members of our Monogatari family, while thinking, "I want to live like that" or "That's a wonderful idea,"cannot confidently say, "I live that way." So what's holding them back?
Fear? Uncertainty? Japanese culture? Group mentality?

  • Try living alone.
  • Rather than wondering what others think,
    what do you think?
  • Live based on what is essential or true,
    instead of what has been normal up to now.
  • "Normal" is that each person is different.
  • If so, speak without fear.
  • If so, try doing things without fear.

After all, we are "individuals," and when we gather together, we create a Monogatari family.
Let's start by developing as "individuals."

Director/Special AdvisorYoshio Kobayashi
Representative Director and President Hisayuki KatoRepresentative Director and President Hisayuki Kato

Value of the "Monogatari Brand" Created by "Smile & Sexy"

Representative Director and PresidentHisayuki Kato

Even if our company grows in size, I truly want it to be a company that can understand the feelings of an "individual."


I have memories of eating out with my family when I was a young child. These are precious, fun memories to me even now, and I will never forget them.
Of course I was excited to eat delicious food, but most of all, I felt happy to laugh and have a meal together with my family, and I couldn't wait to go out to eat again.
Each and every one of our customers has that kind of story of coming to a restaurant.
It is our job to understand those stories and make the customer smile and have a great time.
A brand is a promise to the customer.

"No matter the time or restaurant you go to, you'll smile and have a great time." We want to proudly say that's the "Monogatari Brand," and we want to hear others say it as well.
Customers choose our restaurant, and we don't want to see them going home disappointed.
That is simply how we feel.

This "brand value" is rooted in our management philosophy of "Smile & Sexy" that is to say, "self-realization."
When is a person most alive and attractive? I believe it is when they are working hard toward becoming who they want to be, in other words, when they are living in their own way without fear of self-realization.


We express this using the word, "Sexy."
However, in order to be "Sexy," you need a certain grace of being loved and cheered on by those around you when you express yourself.

We express that using the word, "Smile."
Polish your "Smile" to be "Sexy."
I believe that the daily work one does to grow in these two areas while keeping the balance thereof is the path to becoming a "mature and independent human being."

By embodying our management philosophy of "Smile & Sexy", we gain a "wealth of human resources," , we nurture the "development skills" of the individual.

By polishing this "wealth of human resources" and "development skills" as much as we can, we will build up the "brand value" that says, "No matter the time or restaurant you go to, you'll smile and have a great time." That is my goal and my mission.

The Monogatari Corporation has utilized its "wealth of human resources" and "development skills" to develop various business styles and grow thus far.

Moving forward, we storytellers will not only boldly accept the challenge to develop and cultivate new products, business styles, and enterprises to meet the changes of the era, but we will also continue to be a company that creates the changes of the era.

Business Vision

Putting customers at ease /
Storyteller's self-supporting


Business Vision

  • Our "SMILE & SEXY"
    attitude will help to
    relax customers.

    • Let the customer talk.
    • Make the customer smile.
    • Let the customer whine.
    • Let the customer tell jokes.
    • Have the customer think of us as friends.
  • Our "SMILE & SEXY" attitude will enable
    those around us to act freely and energetically.

    • Remove barriers between company employees and partners.
    • Remove gender-based barriers.
    • Remove barriers based on race and nationality.
    • Remove barriers between young and old.
    • Respect every human being.
  • Our "SMILE & SEXY"
    attitude will enable
    everyone to express
    their opinions
    naturally and openly.

    • Many hold numerous about service
    • Many hold numerous about products
    • Many hold numerous about systems
    • Many hold numerous about management
    • Many hold numerous about society
  • Our "SMILE & SEXY" attitude will enable
    everyone to engage in discussions naturally.

    • Quit making majority-based decisions without discussion.
    • Quit forcing matters without discussion.
    • Quit making backroom deals without discussion.
  • Our "SMILE & SEXY"
    attitude will facilitate

    • Arrive at decisions through discussion.
    • Improve your ability to predict risks.
    • Trust your instincts.
    • Allow yourself to experience multiple
      successes and failures through decision-making.
    • Create rules and principles for business and
      life through decision-making.

As a result, we can take the path to maturity and independence beautifully and openly.
We can also spread our newfound "SMILE & SEXY” philosophy and code of conduct into the world.
That is our vision.

  • ABOUT US Company Profile
  • ABOUT US Company Profile

ABOUT USCompany Profile

Company name The Monogatari Corporation
Founded December,1949
Established September,1969
Representative Hisayuki Kato,President
Capital JPY 2,719 million (as of June 30th,2020)
Sales JPY 57.9 billion (year ending June,2020) *Group sales: approx.
JPY 90.0 billion (as of June 30th,2020)
Number of employees Employees: 1,279 *Hourly employees in Japan: 17,475 (as of June 30th,2020)
Restaurants Japan 529 (308 directly managed / 221 franchises)
Overseas 11 (10 directly managed / 1 franchises) (as of June 30th,2020)
Home page
Main business operations Direct management of restaurants and development of franchise chains in
restaurant industry (yakiniku, ramen, and okonomiyaki restaurant chains,
Japanese food restaurants) Yakiniku King/ Yakiniku Ichiban Kalbi/
Yakiniku Ichiban Kalvi/ Wet Aging Nikugen/ Yakiniku Happy/ Marugen Ramen
/ Ni-dai-me Marugen/ Cabbaton Ramen / Okonomiyaki Honpo/
Sushi & Shabu-Shabu Yuzu-An/ Gyokai Zanmai Genya/
Shabu-Shabu Seafood Genji Sohonten
Main affiliated companies MONOGATARI (SHANGHAI) ENTERPRISES MANAGEMENT CO., Ltd. / Shanghai
Storyteller, Inc.
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